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As long as I can remember, technology has peaked my interest. I began tinkering with computers at a young age, including building my own when I was 14. I have always been interested in technology and its development throughout history, and what innovations and crazy things the future brings. It's because of this that I chose to attend the University at Buffalo for Computer Science, starting in the Fall of 2016. I am also extremely passionate about space, and love astronomy and the physics behind it. It is my goal to combine these passions, and enable the next generation of spaceflight and exploration. When I'm not busy building things or doing sciency stuff, you can catch me on the ski slopes or playing some of my favorite sports like lacrosse or basketball.



UB Blockchain Buildathon 2019. First place Value Centric use-case. Second place overall. pharmaTracker is a completely decentralized application, built on the Ethereum blockchain, to track pharmaceutical drugs. With increasing government regulations with regards to anonymity and patient safety, tracking these drugs in a way that's decentralized and anonymous is required. Utilizing the blockchain infrastructure to keep a immutable recorded ledger, we attempted to solve this problem. pharmaTracker is a full-stack web app, with the back-end server leveraging the blockchain for tracking distributions of drugs.

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